New Folding Saw for My Bug Out Bag: The Sven Saw 21″

Sven Saw 21 Inch Review

I’ve been making due with a shoddy folding camping saw for years now.

It was so bad that most times I’d break out my Camp Axe or just baton wood with my Becker BK2 survival knife.

Needless to say cutting wood for firewood or shelter was pretty painful, in a controlled situation, it’d be pure hell in a bug out or survival time! Then it all changed, I finally found a compact replacement for that awful camp saw I previously packed.

I found myself reaching for my Camp Axe or my Becker BK2 survival knife to cut wood. That wasn’t so bad because my Camp Axe is freaking awesome and razor sharp, but there is a place and time for an Axe and this just wasn’t it.

Sven Saw 21" review

My new camp saw

The saw I originally picked up for my camping and bug out bag, was more of a placeholder for it’s future replacement than an actual tool.

It took up space, but when it came time to do the task it was designed for, I always reached for something else.

One day while cruising I saw it, my Camp Saw, the Sven Saw 21″.

The Sven Saw 21″ (or Sven Saw 15″) completely fold up and stores in it’s handle. This makes the 21″ version very easy to stow in or on your pack.

The sharp edges of the blade are fully covered, protecting my bag and it’s contents from harm. It assembles in no time and cuts like a dream.

I don’t know how I ever got by without this saw, I consistently cut 4 inch and sometimes larger logs into manageable firewood or cut branches to size quickly for shelter poles/posts.

I’ve even seen a buddy of mine take down a tree 10″ in diameter, and he didn’t seem to have any problems doing that.

Replacement blades are available for both the 21″ and the 15″

This is a rugged portable saw that is quick to deploy and makes short work of wood-cutting camp chores. Every Bug Out Bag and camping kit should have at least one of these handy saws!

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