Necessary Items For Living Off the Grid

Necessary Items for Living Off-Grid

In an overly dramatic turn of events, The United States Government was able to pass a budget for the next fiscal year… at the very last minute.

Typically, Government shutdowns do not last more than a few days.  My question is, what would happen if the Government shutdown for many months?

Considering the fragility of our economy and (arguably) our society, would the U.S. have collapsed?

Are you Prepared For A SHTF Scenario?

What if the ‘Essentials’ stop going to work? What happens next? Now is the time to prepare. We obviously can’t always depend on other people to take care of us.

If we become completely self-sufficient then we would not have to worry whether or not the next national or state emergency happens.

Let’s make a list of what you would need in order to survive ‘off the grid’ for a few months.

You Can Survive When the Grid Goes Down!

You don’t have to be rich and own two houses to survive off the grid.  My suggestion is to have the necessary items packed and ready for when SHTF.

The first thing I would start with is a large cargo trailer.  This item is great because you can just hook it up to the back of your truck and hit the road!  Head out to an area that is not usually surrounded by a lot of people. You will want to have packed your cargo trailer ahead of time with a few important items.

You will want a large tent. This tent can be your home for a few months (as long as you take good care of it).

Along with the tent you will need sleeping bags/systems.

You will also want to bring large containers of water. Collapsible water containers will fit best.

Since we’re on the topic of collapsible containers, you will want collapsible containers that can store fuel as well.

The most important item to have will be the generator. The generator will be able to power things like a portable air conditioner. Maybe a portable stove (there are many possibilities).

The bottom line is this; we cannot depend on other people to take care of us.  It is possible for us to survive when the Grid goes down but we need to take the necessary steps NOW.

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